Mad Alec Mulls Foul Retort After Christian Slater Slings Stinky Smear!

Alec Baldwin

TO ALEC BALDWIN: You stink!!

Christian Slater teased the tiger during a “Today” appearance plugging his USA series “Mr. Robot,” launching into a bizarre rant about trigger-tempered Alec Baldwin, saying he films at the studio where “30 Rock” was shot, “and I can still smell Alec Baldwin’s cologne! It’s EVERYWHERE … in all the nooks and crannies!”

When Baldwin heard about Slater’s “joke,” he was NOT amused, reports a pal of the famously cranky star!

“Alec was truly pissed, especially since he does NOT wear cheap cologne and prides himself on good grooming! He didn’t appreciate being dissed by another actor for NO reason!”

BEWARE, CHRISTIAN: Baldwin once got publicly pissed at me, raging that I’m a “whore,” and (to my wife’s eternal amusement) “a goat-footed, wheezy old queen!” Be warned, pal!