Goop SCOOP: Lying Gwynnie HATES ‘Coldplay’ Chris Bburnin’ HOT for J-Law!

Talk about consciously uncoupling from the truth – don’t believe all that New Age-y, goody-two-shoes “Goop” GWYNETH PALTROW’s spoon-feeding the world about her so-called “approval” of dumped hubby CHRIS MARTIN’s sizzling romance with sexy young Oscar winner JENNIFER LAWRENCE – secretly, she HATES it! Said a longtime pal of prissy Paltrow and “Coldplay” frontman Chris: “Despite reports that she’s playing Cupid and gushing about what a ‘cute couple’ they make, Gwyneth’s actually seething over her younger hubby – he’s 37 to her 41 – getting crazy with hottie JLaw, a fresh-faced 24. Suddenly, she’s acting super sweet and supportive, but Chris is wary — he knows her soooo well. Gwyneth’s trying to act very grown up, but the new relationship’s taking a toll on her. Just like any newly separated wife, she’s jealous he’s taken up with a younger beauty – an even bigger star than she is — and is starting to question whether their ‘unconscious uncoupling’ was a good idea. This story’s far from over, believe me!” (Never fear, folks, I’ll slip you the exclusive “scGoop” as it unfolds!)