Lindsay Lohan whines about reports that she’s a real-life “Mean Girl,” but here’s new Lohan lowdown–and I do mean LOW DOWN! Patrons of a Santa Monica bakery watched slack-jawed as the cranky brat, furious because they’d sold all their blueberry muffins, started ranting and raving! “I can’t BELIEVE you ran out of blueberry muffins! How can a bakery run out of blueberry muffins?!” The flustered counter lady offered bran, orange, lemon, etc.–but Lindsay insisted only blueberry would do. Suddenly, a little girl about 10 years old, who’d already been waited on, piped up shyly: “Excuse me…you can have my blueberry muffin and I’ll get something different.” “That’s SO nice of you,” gushed Ms. Movie Starlet–who swiftly glommed the child’s muffin and urged her to choose a different sweet.