AT LAST: DJ Sam kicks lezzie LILO letch!

 When LINDSAY LOHAN wrote a sizzling love letter to ex-flame SAMANTHA RONSON during her Betty Ford Center lockdown, as reported by The ENQUIRER, the Sapphic DJ’s chilly response was: Return To Sender!

Lindsay got the message – but after moving to her new rehab clinic in Malibu, reports a source friendly with both women, “she reached out to Sam again – and not to reconnect romantically.

She just wants to talk face to face and mend their broken friendship. Then, with her therapists present, she wants to sit down with Sam and discuss the bad feelings each of them still harbor.” YIKES!! Don’t hold your breath, says the source.

Samantha – or “Tha’s a MAN,” as I’ve cheekily dubbed her – says she’s kicked her lezzie letch for LiLo …for good!

“Sam bears no animosity toward her ex-lover, but knows that if she joined one of those therapy sessions, she’d be swept right back into Lindsay’s crazy world. That’s why she’s finally slammed the door for good on any ‘rehab reunion.’