KRISTEN STEWART, who kept strictly to herself right after her cheating scandal, was finally forced to hire a personal bodyguard/driver after crazed “Twi-Hard” fans physically attacked her for two-timing lover boy ROBERT PATTINSON!


“The first attack came when she was exiting an office building in the San Fernando Valley – two young women came running at her, screaming that she was a ‘cheating villainess’ and ‘lying b****,’” said a source close to the star.


“Kristen, who was alone, made a beeline for her car, jumped in and slammed the door shut.


"But these vicious girls grabbed the door handles and began rocking the car back and forth. Kristen burst into tears, hit the accelerator and sped away.


"But the attack really shook her up!


"That’s when she hired her bodyguard/driver – who’s got orders to pull right up to the door of wherever she’s exiting so she can hop in fast!”