JENNIFER ANISTON, READ THIS ITEM: On Gollywood’s trendy Robertson, the “Boutique Boulevard,” celebs crash cars, clash with paparazzi — but rarely get trashed the way KIMBERLEY STEWART did when a woman who works nearby suddenly confronted rocker ROD STEWART’s daughter and shrieked: “I’m looking you in the face… and you are one HOMELY bitch!” Kimberley, shopping with some bottle-blonde bimbettes, froze as the stylish/thirty-ish woman ranted, “You are SO disgusting! Do you throw up when you look in a mirror?… UGH!” Stunned Kimberley was speechless, but as Attack Babe stalked off, one galpal screamed after her: “You are fat!” The woman snapped back, “Yes, but I can lose the weight… even if you get skinny, you’ll still be UGLY!”

Street regulars applauded and paparazzi asked the woman, “Why?” Smiling sweetly, she said, “I’m a Jennifer Aniston fan — and Kimberley called her ‘homely’ in a magazine interview. Jennifer said it ruined her night. Well, I just ruined Kimberley’s day!” (Gawd, lady, lighten UP! Kimberley claims she sent Jen an apology AND flowers.)