Mike Walker

Kim & Kourtney Kick Out Kids For Private Coloring Session

How the Kardashians took over a favorite spot for families!

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Mike Walker Reports… Strutting around like they own L.A.’s rich-bitch enclave of Calabasas, the kalamitous Kardashian Klan krush anything and anyone they choose — even kute li’l kids!

Kim & Kourtney were caught doing their nastiest when they took daughters North and Penelope for a fun-filled day of kiddie pottery painting at the local “Color Me Mine” store — but only after demanding that staffers bar any other tykes from the joint!

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Said My Special K Spy: “Never batting a false eyelash, Kim and Kourtney left lots of tots crying their eyes out while North and Penelope painted to their hearts’ content — after staffers tacked a ‘Closed’ sign on the door outside.

“Passersby kept stopping to ask miffed moms what the ruckus was, and one angry lady groused, ‘Those darn Kardashians had that place shut down, so now we’re left out in the cold while our kids have a damn meltdown!’

“’That bunch acts like they own every place in town, dammit!’”

Well, apparently they do, you coo-coo Calabashians!