Kiefer Finesses ’24’-ish Save!


BEST TIP EVER! Stand up and cheer for KIEFER SUTHERLAND, who saved a working stiff’s job!

At an ultra-swanky LA eatery, the star’s waiter, a wannabe screenwriter, kept pitching him show ideas as he dined – and the joint’s manager finally EXPLODED!

As the waiter whipped out his phone to notate Kiefer’s contact number, the manager – who’d caught all the action – roared up, apologized to Kiefer, and bitched at Server Boy, who was obviously about to lose his gig.

But, says My SpyWitness, “Kiefer sprang into action. Rather than throwing the waiter under the bus, he took the blame, saying, ‘Hey sorry … my bad. I asked him for his contact info because he might be right as an actor in something I’m working on!’”

Thanks, Jack Bauer!