Hilarious moment at dimly lit LA Italian eatery Girasole when a woman sitting at a table near KEVIN BACON and wife KYRA SEDGWICK suddenly got up and marched over, brandishing a camera.

The celeb couple flinched and Kevin threw up his hands, sputtering: “No, no! We’re just having a quiet dinner. Please respect that!”

Flustered, the woman apologized and said: “I’m sorry, but I’m here with friends and just wanted to know if you’d take a group photo.” Kevin and Kyra blushed! “Oh…er, I thought you wanted to take a picture of us,” said Kevin.

He quickly stood, snapped the pic, and when he and Wifey left later, a diner asked the woman: “Don’t you have any idea who they are?” When told, she gasped: “Oh, my God! No wonder he thought I wanted to take their picture. I am so totally embarrassed!”