Mike Walker

Sexy-Face Secrets Of Kelly Ripa & Ryan Seacrest

Cool tricks to look fresh for TV!

kelly ripa ryan seacrest beauty tips
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Mike Walker reports… Kelly Ripa admitted her best beauty secret ever is … are you ready? … Botox!

Andy Cohen ruthlessly ripa-ed it out of Ripa when she guested on his “Watch What Happens Live” TV show — but Kelly kept quiet about how her “Live” co- host, Ryan Seacrest, coddles his kisser and keeps it wrinkle-free!

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So here’s the chilly hush-hush I smuggled out of my Secret Seacrest Source: “Our host with the most is well-known for taking ice baths!

“But he long ago learned that, even barring the baths, the most important pretty-boy technique is religiously dunking his kisser in freezing cold water just before going on camera!”