OH, NO, YOU DIDN’T DEPT.: Out lunching in Madhattan with hubby FRANK GIFFORD and pals, “Today” talker KATHIE LEE GIFFORD EXPLODED when the ex-NFL star all but called her “fattie!”

Said my source: “Kathie Lee had ordered a salad, and was also brought a side of pasta – but when she started eating it, Frank shot her a sharp look and said, ‘You may want to stick with the salad!’”

That’s when all hell broke loose, says the source. “Kathie Lee snapped at Frank that she doesn’t tell him what to eat – then he really put his foot in it by bragging, ‘I actually weigh less now than when I played football!’ Kathie Lee was livid, but kept quiet to avoid an even huger scene in front of their pals.

"But the fight escalated after they got home and she screamed at Frank, ‘How dare you call me fat!

"Don’t ever embarrass me like that again! I work hard, and maybe I’ve put on a few extra pounds, but that doesn’t give you the right to shake your finger at me and tell me what to eat and not eat!’”

(Got that, you dumb jock?! Any idiot guy knows there’s two taboo words when you’re with women – “fat” and “age!”)