KATE’s ‘Yay, USA’ nursery plot will drive Her Majesty BONKERS!


ROYAL BABY BROUHAHA HEATS UP! In my exclusive report last week, I told you how Britain’s Royal Family was in turmoil after THE QUEEN flatly forbade PRINCE WILLIAM and Princess of Our Hearts KATE’s request to name their new baby DIANA, if it’s a girl, after the dearly departed Princess of Our Hearts!

Now even more big trouble’s brewing: Granny’s ordered that all of the ancient furniture that once graced her own nursery 86 years ago must be dragged up from the Palace dungeon – or wherever the hell they keep such stuff – and sent to Wills and Kate to decorate their new offspring’s babe-cave!

Now that’s bad enough… SHRIIEEEEK!…but what Kate’s karefully been keeping secret from Queenie is that she’s fallen in love with (GASP!) modern AMERICAN baby furniture, bedding and accessories, and that’s what she wants to grace her little darling’s digs.

“Kate’s devised a plan to get exactly what she wants,” said My Middleton Spy.

“She’s secretly registered with this American company, and her friends will be given a secret code to access the registry – then purchase the nursery items on her wish list.”

Diabolically clever, m’ dear – but how will Will keep this on the down-low, and control conflict between willful Wifey and grimly determined Granny?

Revealed my source: “William’s actually suggested to Kate that they could quietly set up TWO nurseries – sort of a ‘Hers’ and ‘Ours!’” (I say, a bloody cracking idea, old boy!! And thanks, from us Yanks!) Stay tuned.