SCOOP FOR YOUR EYES ONLY, MR. BOND: Incredibly, QUEEN ELIZABETH was NOT Olympics show director DANNY BOYLE’s first choice to bop out of a chopper with “007” star DANIEL CRAIG – the dream girl he wanted to star in that stunning show-opening stunt was…(cue Bond theme music)…the lithe and lovely Princess of Our Hearts, KATE MIDDLETON!…(cue applause).

But then, in a stunning move… (cue ominous music)…that sweet little old lady in the tiara kraftily kicked Katie to the kurb!

Reports My Palace Spy: “Danny Boyle had originally envisioned Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, as the ‘Bond Girl’ in the spoof. Kate was extremely excited and eager to take the part and PRINCE WILLIAM thought it was a great idea. But, as with any public event involving the Royal Family, Boyle’s idea had to be approved by palace officials – and he was flabbergasted when word came back that The Queen herself wanted to star with Craig in the spoof, nixing Kate from the role!

"It was sad for the Duchess, but Boyle and his producers were delirious with joy.

"They’d never dreamed The Queen would want to snatch the star part from Kate to become, at age 86…(cue “007” theme)…the oldest ‘Bond’ girl yet!”