Mike Walker

Kate Middleton Wins Over Queen In Battle For William’s Haircut

Her Majesty agrees: the buzz cut is in!

kate middleton prince william haircut
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Mike Walker reports….  Kate Middleton hasn’t been called “Waity Katie” since primo catch Prince William finally put a ring on it, after years of keeping her waiting!

But Kate ended up waitin’ anew — for his buzz-kill granny, AKA: The Queen, to allow hubby’s new buzz cut!

As we scooped back in 2014, Queen Elizabeth overruled kvetching Kate’s willful plan for a Willy makeover.

Boozey & Brazen Camilla Crowns Herself Queen!

“The 91-year-old monarch recently saw old footage of her handsome young grandson’s long-gone crown of golden locks and finally agreed with Kate, saying he’d look smashing with a shaved-off dome,” said a knight in the know.

“Kate speed-dialed her personal hairdresser … and the rest is history!”