Mike Walker

Justin Timberlake Has Moms Panting Over Toddler Duty

Playdaters eager for new dad to show them a few things!

justin timberlake son silas playdate

Mike Walker Reports…  Playtime just became yippie-kai-yay time for a gasping group of Manhattan moms who regularly squire their kiddies to a swanky toddler play class!

The ladies were sexily stunned to discover one gloriious morning that a new little 2-year-old boy who’d just joined them, named Silas, was under the care of the group’s only Daily Dad, some hottie hunk named … er, Justin Timberlake!

(And with Yummy Mummy Jessica Biel nowhere in sight! Yeee-ikes!)

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Piped My Playful Spy: “Suddenly, it wasn’t only teething tots who were drooling — Doting Dad JT’s got all the gals hyperventilating!

“Whenever the superstar arrives with adorable little Silas, he’s super-sweet to all the other kiddies … but never fails to sprinkle a smidge of super-refined sugar on their palpitating mommies!”