Mike Walker

Justin Bieber’s High-Tech Plan To Stretch His Spine!

The singer wants a ‘microgravity chamber.'

Justin Bieber Height — He Wants To Be Taller
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Looking to get MANLY by growing a coupla inches (in height, ladies … in height!), Justin Bieber — who’s maybe 5’7” but officially claims he’s 5’9” — got super-excited when US astronaut Scott Kelly grew TWO INCHES taller during his year in space!

Instantly reaching for the stars, The Biebs ordered his peeps to buy or rent what he’d heard was a “microgravity chamber” that mimics outer-space weightlessness and lets the spine stretch!

Said My Space-y Source: “Turns out there’s no such machine! To mimic what Kelly experienced, Justin would have to jump off a cliff and keep falling for 31 million seconds!”

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Happy landings! And I guess you missed the news, Squirt! Kelly’s already lost that two inches due to Earth gravity compressing his spine back! (Thank you, Science Mike!)