Mike Walker

Julie Chen’s Case Of Mistaken Identity

Takes mixed-up star's error in stride!

julie chen mistaken id connie chung
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Mike Walker reports…. “The Talk” cutie Julie Chen (left) dished this bizarre case of mistaken ID by a big male star — who can’t keep his hot Asian-American babes straight!

Giggled Julie: “I was in Washington for the Kennedy Center Honors, sitting with this very famous singer, having a few chuckles — and was incredibly proud when I cracked a joke that cracked him up… and he goes, ‘Oh, Connie!’

“Now, I get that a lot … the ‘Connie Chung’ (right) thing…a compliment ’cause she’s classy, kind and beautiful, so I didn’t correct him.”

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And who’s so confused he can’t tell a sexy talk-show babe from an Emmy-winning TV news anchor?

(Folks, I swore I’d keep Julie’s secret, but — hint, hint! — both Lionel Richie and LL Cool J attended the “Honors,” so…?!