Hawk Alert: ‘Pretty Woman’ Flashes Razor-Sharp Claws!

Squawking like an irate mother hen, JULIA ROBERTS flew right in the face of a falconer using a trained hawk to harass seagulls flocking near her multimillion$$$ Malibu estate – and the star cawed loudly enough to be heard for miles: “Keep your *#@$%^ HAWK away from our seagulls, you &^$#@%*!!”

Said My Pretty Woman Spy: “The guy had been hired by a neighbor of Julia’s to help chase the seagulls out to sea. His highly-trained hawk harassed the birds mercilessly – until Julia came riding to the rescue in her SUV, jumped out and really let the guy have it, screaming, ‘They have EVERY RIGHT to be here!’ Looking stunned to see a movie star shrieking in his face, the guy told Julia, ‘Look lady, I got called here to flush out and haze these pests … I ain’t killing them!’”

But Julia went right back in his face and shrieked: “Whatever your #^@ bird does to those seagulls, my husband will do the same to you, you f***er!” And with that, our fine-feathered star hopped into her SUV and flew off!