Mike Walker

Jon Hamm — Sober Big Tipper!

The actor celebrated his first year of sobriety.

Jon Hamm Sober — He Celebrated His First Year Of Sobriety

“Mad Men” stud Jon Hamm just marked his first year of sobriety, with pals who boozed with both hands at a swanky WeHo watering hole as he happily sipped … CRANBERRY JUICE!

When the check for about $100 arrived, the Emmy-winning star topped it with a $100 tip for the young waiter, who gasped, “Thanks so much, that’s an awesome tip!”

Then the guy asked if Hamm’d mind autographing the C-note, saying his mom’s the world’s biggest “Mad Men” fan and it’d prove he’d met the star. Jon said it seemed silly, but the waiter explained, “Oh … I don’t plan on spending it — I want to keep it!”

Mad Man Jon Hamm Boozed Because He Wanted A Baby

So The Big Hamm grinned, whipped out a $20 bill, signed THAT and told the kid, “Here … now spend the $100 on yourself!” … And how was YOUR week?