Jolie warns Brad & Clooney: Prank my wedding, you DIE!

Hollywood’s two most notorious practical jokers are… (all together now, people!)…best buddies BRAD PITT and GEORGE CLOONEY – but both wiseguys just got a beady-eyed, I’m-not-joking, comply-or-die warning from Bridezilla ANGELINA JOLIE, who flashed fangs and hissed at about-to-be hubby: “I don’t want any practical jokes played at our wedding, and I’m…not…kidding!

Usually amused by George and Brad’s back-and-forth one-upmanship with outrageous stunts, Hubba Hubba staged a preemptive strike – putting pranks on her wedding day strictly off-limits. Said My Spy: “Angie personally phoned Clooney, sternly warning him that she was dead serious!

George got the message loud and clear – especially after Brad followed up with his own phone call, making George promise to call a truce and put practical jokes on hiatus for his and Angie’s big day. George finally gave his word, but admitted to pals it’ll be tough to resist the temptation.” (Folks, here’s my bet: He WON’T!)