Whatever daddy wants… daddy gets – and after dissing daughter JESSICA SIMPSON’s marriage to ex NICK LACHEY, Papa Svengali/manager JOE SIMPSON wants His Little Girl to deep-six her friendship with “Desperate Housewives” co-star EVA LONGORIA – because every time they’re out in public, he claims, Eva hogs the limelight! Insiders say that Jessica tried to ignore her daddy’s dictator routine, but he stepped up his anti-Eva offensive with behind-the-scenes sabotage when Jessica and her girlfriends – Eva included – set up a dinner to celebrate her birthday at a Gollywood eatery. Sneaky Joe had an assistant phone Eva and tell her Jessica had to cancel because she was ill. Then he arranged for a private plane to whisk Jess and galpals to Vegas, where they partied hearty at a post birthday bash… without Eva, who had “mysteriously” neglected to RSVP! When Eva realized she’d been duped, she was furious – and Jessica was left holding the bag and apologizing profusely for the snub… but Longoria’s livid! Stay tuned.