Mike Walker

Jessica Chastain’s Jungle Fever Cured By Giant Spider

jessica chastain spider african honeymoon
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Mike Walker reports….  Sexy Jessica Chastain just suffered the most terrifying wedding night jitters ever!

No naughty nighties. No bad-girl toys. Just living her long-held honeymoon fantasy of going jungle romantic under the vast African night skies with hot new Italian hubby Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo.

But things got mighty wild, mighty fast when a giant, palm-sized, poisonous spider suddenly leaped out of the “Zero Dark Thirty” star’s bag!

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Two-time Oscar-nominee Jess, still trembling at the memory, told a close gal pal: “It was terrifyingly scary! I really expected it to be so romantic — that we’d both be one with nature — but we were toughing it out in a tent on the ground and I was not prepared for enormous African insects!”

Still bugged even after heroic hubby evicted the spider, she slept with her entire body covered head to toe — and even wearing a hat and face mask!

And how was YOUR week?