Jenny McCarthy hires sexpot ‘Bachelor’ babysitter for son!


Just discovered that “Dirty, Sexy, Funny” Mummy JENNY MCCARTHY’s the mom MIKEY always wanted when she proudly confessed on her SiriusXM radio show she’d hired KIM K lookalike/hubba-hubba- OMG-hottie ASHLEY I. of “The Bachelor” to babysit her 13-year-old son, Evan – and before all you mothers get soft-headed and rationalize that Jenny believes her underage son’s seduction-safe because Ashley’s a self-proclaimed “virgin,” prick up your ears and hear THIS salacious speech, mouthed on her show: “The way (Ashley I.) comes over is the way she looks on ‘The Bachelor’ … (but) he doesn’t know she’s on ‘The Bachelor’ – he just wants her to COME OVER!”

Then potty-mouth Jenny jibed: “Maybe they can break their virginity together … !”


(Just make sure all shots are up to date!)