Mike Walker

Bethenny Frankel Frightens Off Jenny McCarthy

Why radio host won't be a 'Housewife!'

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Mike Walker Reports… Jenny McCarthy is flattening her foot in the face of witchy “Real Housewives of New York City” diva Bethenny Frankel!

The actress, Sirius XM radio host and spouse to actor Donnie Wahlberg nixed Bethenny’s  plea to sign up as a new “Housewife” — whimpering that the scary Skinnygirl mogul flat-out terrifies her!

FOX News Puts Some Pants On Sexy On-Air Talent!

Said My Mouthy MILF Spy: “Bethenny personally asked Jenny to be a new ‘Housewife’ on her hit reality show, but Jenny swears there’s no way she’ll do it, whining that Bethenny — famous for being ruthlessly abrasive — scares the crap out of her!

Said Jenny: ‘I’d never do it! Bethenny intimidates me — I’m frightened of her!’”

Bethenny Frankel Teases Illness, Flogs Booze!

Is Jenny just being a wimp?

Bitchy Bethenny made headlines just weeks ago for flinging a drink at a group of women in the hoity-toity Hamptons — allegedly blocking her view of a Coldplay concert!