Mike Walker

J.Lo Bitch-Slaps Ray Liotta!

So who’s the boss?!

Jennifer lopez ray liotta bitch slap splash
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Showing big-grrrl cajones behind the scenes of their sexy-hot “Shades of Blue” show, fiery Jennifer Lopez triggered a bad case of blue balls for manly co-star Ray Liotta by showing him who’s wearing the pants on their TV show — HER!!

Tension’s rising, say insiders, because macho Ray — a highly acclaimed, award-winning MOVIE star — gets visibly jaws-tight over J.Lo’s frequent last-minute script rewrites that always ensure SHE gets the best lines!

Says My Shade-y Spy: “Ray just won’t accept that Jennifer’s not only the star of the show, she’s also its PRODUCER! She calls the shots — and what she says goes! Ray’s brooding, sulking a lot in his dressing room because he hates that his dialogue’s messed with, while Jennifer’s gets expanded. But Macho Guy’s just gotta get over it because — they’ve got a HIT!”

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So YAY for Ray and J … be happy stars, kids!