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Jennifer Lawrence Milks Sick Gag On ‘X-Men’ Set

Breast friends' bizarre on-set antics!

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Proving gals can be even bigger boobs than guys, Jennifer Lawrence played a “GAG ME!” breast joke on her “X-Men: Apocalypse” co-stars — sneakily snagging ex-boyfriend Nicholas Hoult’s cell phone and texting the other guys (posing as NICK, mind you!) about a scary experience “he” was suffering!

“Guys,” she texted, “my nipples are lactating! I’m dripping — it’s scary!”

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Said My SuperHeroes Spy: “JLaw practically peed herself laughing, enjoying giggles galore as the guys responded that he’d better see doctors — until two days later, when a distinguished man carrying a physician’s medical bag arrived at her dressing room, saying friends who’d heard about her leaky faucets had hired him to administer ‘a squeeze test!’

JLaw stammered it must be a misunderstanding … she’d been perfectly fine, but the ‘doctor’ insisted on a titty test until a gang of her co-stars — headed by James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender — popped in and started jeering, ‘We KNEW you started this, so … Tit for TAT!’”