Jennifer Lawrence Reveals Her, Uh, Feelings In Movie Closeups With Bradley Cooper

Bradley cooper jlaw short

This one’s a hard-core scoop because … (1) It rhymes with “Coop,” (2) It’s truly hard-core, as in “naughty, titillating,” and (3) Coop’s “core” suddenly gets … AHEM!

Anyway, while girlie gossiping with giggling galpals, #1 Movie Hottie Jennifer Lawrence whispered that even after FOUR films with BFF Bradley Cooper, she still gets a rise out of him — every single time!! … Say waaaat?

Revealed a pal of Kutie Katniss: “Jen was actually bragging that whenever she does hot love scenes with Bradley, or they even get super up-close on-camera, he ALWAYS rises to the occasion! Rolling her eyes, Jen says he CANNOT help himself! And while Coop used to make a … er, point of apologizing for his embarrassing uprisings, both now simply accept that it’s gonna happen — no matter what! Jen’s actually super flattered, and chuckles how you just can’t keep a good man down!”

Rock ON, grrrrl! (Get it?)