Mike Walker

Jennifer Aniston Hates Justin Theroux’s Dirty Pals!

The actress doesn’t want his friends to even sit on the sofas!

Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux
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Neat-freak Jennifer Aniston’s driving hubby Justin Theroux batty with insane “down-and-dirty” rules — like demanding his pals get DOWN and not DIRTY her sofas by parking their butts on the damn FLOOR!

Sporting her smiley/fakey “Friends” face, Jen insists her lavish Bel Air pad’s “his home too,” but … !

Said an Aniston pal: “Justin just had pals over, but when Jen saw them parked on her couches, her eyes bugged as she yelled, ‘NO! No one sits on the sofas! … Off, OFF!’ Tossing cushions on the floor, she left as the guys ragged Justin! … ‘WHAT? She thinks we don’t wash our clothes?’

“Justin just shrugged, saying, ‘Hey, man, she’s got her rules! She doesn’t like anyone on the sofas — including me!’ He felt totally embarrassed — and this marriage stands NO chance if she keeps treating him and his pals like … dirt!”