A flock of foxes mobbed JAMIE FOXX at Hollywood hotspot Foxtail, and Studly was lovin’ it – but his mood changed fast when a hysterical hottie suddenly grabbed him in a headlock.

Said an eyewitness: “As Jamie tried to wriggle out of her grip, one of his clip-on diamond earrings popped off!”

Freaked, Foxx yelled: “DON’T ANYONE MOVE!…One of my rocks just went AWOL!”

Suddenly, every girl was on hands-and-knees, searching in the dark for the tiny ear-bling – until the loony-toon who started the ruckus shrieked: “I found it! I found it!”

Grateful Jamie gave her a thank-you hug for floor-mining his family jewel, but cautioned her to drop the lame Girl Gone Wild act.