Stand up and cheer for a woman who stood up and jeered at pompous, arrogant jerk JAMIE FOXX and a bully-boy bodyguard when they stomped into an elevator at an LA hotel and bellowed at her: “Get out!…Jamie rides alone!” But Jamie, who made a few headlines with his stupid stunt, had met his match. MY Spy got this first-person account from the woman who bravely stood up to Jamie’s gangsta crap – and she admits it got scary when she decided not to fold and snapped back: “Don’t be ridiculous! I was here fi rst, and I’m staying here.” For a long, tense moment Jamie and the woman traded glares, and the bodyguard blustered again: “Come on, lady…OUT!” But the woman, refusing to give in, told him flatly: “No! Take another elevator!”

Frustrated, Jamie and Goliath stayed in the elevator with her – but when it stopped at other floors and people tried to board, Jamie’s thug would spread his arms wide and bar them from entering. At one floor, the woman recalled, a man she recognized as a major ABC-TV executive freaked out and exploded when he was blocked. Looking straight at Jamie, he screamed: “Don’t you know who the f— I am?” Jamie smugly ignored the network bigwig and looked away as his bodyguard snarled: “You’re not getting in!”…and let the doors slide shut in the guy’s face. “It was absolutely ridiculous,” said the woman. “Jamie Foxx’s attitude sucks!” A rep for Jamie told a reporter lamely that the brouhaha occurred because the star was “…rushing to get to interviews to promote his film.”