Mike Walker

James Corden Freaks Out Over Sweat-Soaked Fans

Host throws his weight around to help his faithful followers!

James Corden
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Mike Walker reports … Usually jolly James Corden flamed fire-engine red — and instantly turned the air a lurid blue, cursing as he was chauffeured to his “Late Late Show” studio and spotted super-long lines of his direly perspiring diehard fans standing in L.A.’s superhot sun, sweating buckets while awaiting seats!

Barking Brit bad-boy lingo, the star screamed at staffers to get his bloody fans bloody relief … NOW!

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Panted My Corden Correspondent: “James was so damn steamed he needed to cool off after seeing mobs of drenched fans patiently waiting outside — and instantly shot major shade at staffers, ordering pages and assistants to snag oversized umbrellas and make sure every last person in the steamy queue got real shade … STAT!”