Homeless Highwayman: Whitney Cummings’ Roadside Face Off!

Homeless highway man

Shocker traffic shutdown on LA’s Highway 101 due to some guy’s suicide attempt, infuriating tough-cookie comedienne Whitney Cummings, creator of “2 Broke Girls,” who needed to get home fast for an important meeting — so after waiting two hours for the guy to off himself … or whatever! … she walked to her pad a mile away!

Said a pal of the funnygal: “After traffic cleared, Whitney walked back to retrieve her car — and discovered a creepy homeless guy camped in her front seat. ‘That’s MY CAR — get outta there,’ she bellowed at the bum — who grinned through broken teeth, jeering, ‘Finders-keepers — it’s MY car now!’”

Furious, Whitney whipped out two twentie$$, waved them at him, tucked ’em under a roadside rock — and waited!

After a moment, Homeless Geek got out, Whitney got in and — flipping a finger — gassed it hard!