Hoda Hoopla Encore: ‘Arrested’ by Hot Cop!


Will my new “HODA hijinks” tale trigger another “NBC News Investigation” like last week’s scoop about Ms. Kotb’s fave “comfy” shoes disappearing mysteriously when MEREDITH VIEIRA interviewed the “Today” co-host in a toilet at 30 Rock – but this week sirens are suddenly 
blaring encore because Hoda, KATHIE LEE GIFFORD, “and literally every woman at this network is going gaga, eyeballing a gorgeous, hunky NYPD beat cop who now patrols Rockefeller Plaza,” an 
NBC source told us.

“Believe me, this cop’s better looking than any male star who’s ever walked into 30 Rock. Hoda and Kathie Lee stare longingly at this policeman – known to every network gal as ‘Hot Cop!’” 

When a staffer offered to set Hoda up, she giggled like a love-struck teenager – and admitted she’d absolutely go for it … if she didn’t have a boyfriend!