Soap opera stud JACK WAGNER’s desperate love for HEATHER LOCKLEAR has dangerously undermined her focus on kicking substance abuse, say insiders – that’s why whisking his star off on a “lovey-dovey” birthday jaunt, instead of making sure she attended a weekend retreat with her female AA support group, triggered that headline-making meltdown and potentially fatal DUI!

Sources reveal experts are warning lovesick Jack, who hates hearing it, to quit pressuring Heather with marriage proposals and “detach with love” – because he’ll never save her by himself.

“Jack wants to be Heather’s knight in shining armor,” says a close source, “but he simply can’t be the one to cure her. He needs to back off, and allow her to concentrate on therapy. The people she most needs to rely on are the women in her support group.”

Insiders say clingy Jack drove Heather nuts when he suggested: “Why don’t I take time off from my show to be with you more?” Just when she needed to stay calm and focused, say close pals, Jack made her edgy – igniting a shocking explosion.

“She drove over his sunglasses repeatedly, then got busted for DUI,” said a source. “If only Jack hadn’t played macho loverboy, dragging her to Montecito for her birthday instead of letting her get away with the girls for a scheduled ‘Serenity Weekend’ in Palm Springs, with soothing massages and sunbathing.

Instead of DUI, Heather was supposed to chill on an alcohol and drug-free weekend with women who know how to support her. Love’s a wonderful thing, but Jack needs to back off!”