Gwynnie SCOOP: Welfare Mom Plops Milady Goop in the POOP!


Hey, folks, welcome to “Kick Gwyneth Paltrow’s Skinny A** Week” – which became official when a tubby, mouthy New York welfare mom spewed that vicious, nasty sneer at Ms. Goop, who was awaiting her limo on a busy Madhattan street!

Said My SpyWitness: “The woman, with a child and a toddler, was furious over Gwyneth’s headline-making boast that she could live on the $29-per-week budget welfare families rely on. Gwyneth failed, natch, and the woman snarled, ‘Who the hell are you to tell people how to live when you ain’t never been poor in your whole damn life!’ Gwyneth actually tried to give the family a twenty-dollar bill, but the woman swore and shrieked: ‘We don’t want your money, you *%#$^ WHORE!’”

Mercifully, Gwynnie was limo-bound minutes later!

… And how was YOUR week?