‘GRAVE’ time for star-crossed lovers: R-PATTZ sinks FANGS into K-STEW!



Jury’s still out on whether star-crossed “Twilight” twits ROB PATTINSON and KRISTEN STEWART are really back together again, or – as I scooped weeks ago – in a reswoonion ordered by slavemasters (aka movie moguls) to promote their flick…but this tidbit tattled by a pal of both doesn’t bode well for romance:

Rob just told Kristen he’s signed for a flick with hot Brit actress CAREY MULLIGAN, knowing it would trigger a jealous streak generated by Rob’s constant raves about Carey back when she was dating one of his pals.

Tweaking his maybe-love’s green monster, Rob drawled: “Can you believe I’ll be playing Carey Mulligan’s lover?”

Noting Kristen’s jealous glare, Vampire Boy twisted the knife and purred: “Why are you pouting?

"You’re not jealous of Carey, are you?

"Don’t be ridiculous…she’s a married woman! I would never!”

(As in: “I would never screw around with a married person – like you did with director/loverboy RUPERT SANDERS.)