Mike Walker

Amy Schumer Eyeing A Goldie Hawn Biopic

Her comedy idol headed to the big screen!

amy schumer goldie hawn biopic
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Mike Walker Reports… “Laugh-In” laugh-getter Goldie Hawn and pal Amy Schumer — giggling over their comedy caper “Snatched” — banged their blond noggins together and birthed a sock-it-to-me secret: A movie based on Goldie’s adventures as the iconic show’s sexy go-go girl!

Said My Spy: “After pumping Goldie about her bizarre experiences on stage and backstage — Amy knew it was a no-brainer!

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“But they can’t cast daughter Kate Hudson to play her fresh-faced mom, realizing Kate’ll be 40 before cameras can start rolling.

“So now they’re set to sign Carrie Fisher’s gorgeous daughter, Billie Lourd, 24, who’s already at stardom’s door after signing on to the new ‘Star Wars!’”