Talk about an eye-popping conversation!
Glam-tastic “American Idol” icon ADAM LAMBERT emerged from Hollywood’s Renaissance Hotel, spotted rocker ROD STEWART and hustled over to gush that he’s a great fan.
Then, in an eyeblink, the boys began bonding in a dead-serious confab about…the best eyeliner!
Waxing passionate, Adam averred: “My absolute favorite liner has to be Revlon’s Colorstay in black. It’s great and lasts all day and night! And believe me – I’ve tried them ALL!”
One-upped Brit mod Rod: “Really?…Well, my mates and I used to use this fab liner from Bibas in London during the late Sixties and early Seventies. It stayed on forever – and back then, no one called it guyliner! All the rockers wore it, and all the birds loved it.”
Quipped Glambert: “How about the blokes?”
Responded Rod with a nervous chuckle: “Probably even more!”