Mike Walker

Gene Simmons: One Lick Sent Jenny McCarthy To The Hospital

'KISS' rocker's 'lip-slime' gave her 105 degree temperature!

Gene Simmons & Jenny McCarthy
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Mike Walker reports … ‘KISS’ of DEATH?!

Hot Lips Jenny McCarthy’s safely survived kissing species of man, animal (and alien?), but made the nasty mistake of stupidly getting all slimy-lipped with toxic ‘KISS’ rocker Gene Simmons — and ending up fever-ridden days on end in the hospital!

“It was worse than herpes,” gagged Jenny, confessing via nauseating kiss ’n’ tell on her SiriusXM radio show!

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Explaining she’d attended an American Music Awards show and was posing with Gene — notorious for publicly flashing his enormous, slime-ridden tongue — he’d suggested smooching with tongue-tips only for photogs! But shockingly, even that slime contact infected Jenny’s retching gag-bucket!

Said a source: “That triggered a ‘germy nightmare’ that landed Jen in the hospital for several days while suffering a whopping 105-degree temperature!”

(Kiss THIS, Gene!)