FURIOUS KATE WANTS TO DENY ‘SEX ORGIES’ – but gran-in-law/Queen orders: ‘ZIP IT!’


Raging People’s Princess KATE MIDDLETON – desperate to publicly deny fresh allegations that she partied at “sex club” orgies staged by a notorious female college pal before marriage to PRINCE WILLIAM – has been flatly ordered by the Palace: Keep your lips ZIPPED!

Reports My Trusty Royal Spy: “Rumors and press reports have circulated for years that Kate cavorted at kinky masked balls for upper-class types staged by private school chum EMMA SAYLE, organizer of a sex club called ‘Killing Kittens.’

"Its sole aim is the pursuit of female sexual pleasure – and women are the only ones allowed to approach other guests for sex at their soirees!”

Lurid newspaper reports about Kate’s supposed sex club shenanigans had died down for a bit, but new whispers just resurfaced – including a shocking allegation that a cell phone camera had clicked her in flagrante delicto!

“The Duchess desperately wants to fight back and publicly state she’s NEVER attended anything like a sex club – and Prince William agrees – but the palace will NOT give its approval,” said the source.

“It’s making the future queen of England furious.”

Stay tuned.