Feelin’ Kinda Flat, Buddy? Sexy Mila Kunis Will Pump U Up!

Mila Kunis

GREAT BOD – GREATER HEART! Sexy new momma MILA KUNIS, emerging from a WeHo baby boutique, noticed a shabby man with a stricken expression staring helplessly at the flat tire on his rickety bicycle!

Said My WeHo Spy: “Mila walked over and asked, ‘Are you OK, do you need anything?’

"When the obviously homeless guy replied he sure could use a drink, Mila looked apprehensive until the guy smiled, explaining, ‘Water, I could use some water!’

"Handing him a plastic bottle from her bag, Mila asked if he could stay put for a bit. Shrugged the man: ‘On this thing, I ain’t going anywhere!’

"Twenty minutes later, Mila rode up on a brand-new bicycle purchased nearby, presented it to him and said, ‘Well, now you can get somewhere!’”

The star’s kindness is typical, says a pal of this woman who works tirelessly for medical charities.

“Mila’s a big star now – married to ASHTON KUTCHER – but still remembers that when her family moved here from the Ukraine when she was seven, they had just $250! So she believes in sharing blessings.”