Facebook fans idolizing PIPPA’s bum! Bummer for Yummy Mummy KATE?


Princess of Our Hearts KATE can’t be happy about the popular new Facebook website dedicated to her sexy baby sis, titled: “PIPPA MIDDLETON’s Ass Appreciation Society!”

The site’s scored 200,000-plus likes – but peppy Pippa’s enraged boyfriend, stockbroker NICO JACKSON, sure ain’t one of them!

Said a pal of the couple: “Nico HATES the site! It’s peppered with photos of nude female behinds, plus PRINCE HARRY copping a sneaky public Pippa grope, and he feels it’s derogatory, insulting and crude. Sure, Pippa stole the show at PRINCE WILLIAM and Kate’s wedding with her bum-hugging gown, but Nico thinks all that should be finally behind her, so to speak!”

The site features fans raving about Pippa’s backside – with a poll finding that “58% of people posting would like her to sit on their **** and ******!”

Said my source: “Pippa wants her conservative boyfriend to stop obsessing about the stupid site, while Nico wants her to fight with him to get it taken down. But Pippa’s chosen to ignore it – and ordered Nico to do the same.”

(Hey, Pippa… bummer! And you’re right – butt out, Nico!)