“Desperate Housewives” execs are furious with serial blabbermouth EVA LONGORIA (remember her “I’m the love teacher” press quote that angered toyboy NBA lover TONY PARKER?) because she just leaked a secret show storyline during a national TV interview…and now, they vow, she’ll be kept in the dark about future scripts forever! Guesting on “The View,” logorrhea-prone Longoria spilled the beans big-time, revealing that (1) her character’s ex-husband Carlos won’t leave the show, as rumored, (2) they’ll suffer through stormy times – but (3) will have a “surprise” lovers’ reunion next season! Horrified execs – knowing that tipped-off viewers tend to tune out – immediately issued a stern edict to writers, producers, directors and show staff: Zip it…and don’t tell Eva ZIP, ever!