Mike Walker

Ellen DeGeneres Starts Stiffing Her Coffee Gals

Big change has her holding on to small bills!

Elllen degeneres scandals

Mike Walker Reports… Visiting her fave Gollywood coffee shop, usually generous Ellen DeGeneres stunned her regular waitress when she walked out — and didn’t leave even a damn dime tip!

Staffers were stunned, but shrugged it off until the star’s next visit, when she started waltzing out with a fists-tightly-closed encore!

This time, her shocked server yelled, “Hey, Ellen, aren’t you forgetting something?”

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Turning with a puzzled look, FunnyGal suddenly got a sorta “Oh, I get it” look on her kisser and gave the gal a wave, brightly bellowing: “Oh, right … buh-bye!” — and split!

Sighing, her waitress told staffers: “She’s stopped drinking caffeine, so she’s been just a teeny bit fuzzy!”