ADAM & EVE…NOT ADAM & STEVE! That loud scream you just heard was terrified ELISABETH HASSELBECK wailing that Baba Wawa – aka BARBARA WALTERS – keeps plotting to bounce her from “The View” because of her shrilly-silly views.

But this time, “Elisabeth really has something to worry about,” said a show source, who revealed that while Dizzie Lizzie’s on maternity leave, Walters will audition, as her fill-in, the new right-wing babe on the block – Miss USA runner-up CARRIE PREJEAN, who made national headlines with her “no gay marriage” bombshell during the pageant.

And it could turn into a permanent gig for the controversial beauty queen, say show insiders, because Barbara’s seriously fed up with Elisabeth’s coo-coo conserva-babble – and her looney-toon responses to co-hosts WHOOPI GOLDBERG, JOY BEHAR and SHERRI SHEPHERD.

When Joy asked, for example, why she kept defending MEL GIBSON – refusing to admit he’s a hypocrite for divorcing, despite his much-avowed Catholic faith – the exchange got reeeeally ugly.

Said Joy: “Listen, Elisabeth, there’s a self-righteousness to the guy.” Shrilled Elisabeth: “Isn’t it self-righteous to call someone self-righteous?

Groaning like an embarrassed granny, Barbara quietly gasped: “Oh, Elisabeth!”

Stay tuned.