Scoot close to the gossip campfire, kids! Here’s a teeth-chattering tale I call, “The Ghost That Freaked Eddie Murphy!” It begins as the star naps in his dressing trailer on the set of the new flick (are you ready?) “The Haunted Mansion” — and is suddenly jerked awake by the “SHRIE-E-E-EEK!” of a woman in distress! Terrified, Eddie leaps up, but . . . no one there, inside or outside . . . ! Over the next few days, Eddie angrily insisted to skeptical producers his trailer was haunted. Doors would swing open suddenly — then SLAM shut! Items moved mysteriously — even disappeared! (Wow! Scared yet?) Then, late one night . . . it happened! After a late shoot, Eddie walked into his dressing room and . . . EEK!EEK!EEK! . . . a ghostly, glowering female sat at his table, staring holes in his soul! Eddie ran, yelling “HELP!” — nearly knocking down a security guard who’d heard the ruckus. But, once again . . . no ghost! Eddie, now convinced someone had died in the damn trailer, flatly refused to go back into it — so first thing next morning, producers parked a brand-new one in its place!