Dumped ‘PLOP’ In The Poop By Shrieking Gwynnie Goop!

Screaming like a mad harpy as an arrogant, stupid limo driver whipped her dangerously through L.A. streets, GWYNETH PALTROW burned red and finally exploded: “That’s IT … PULL OVER RIGHT NOW!”

Said My Drive By source: “This idiot screwed with the wrong lady – he’d been hired to chauffeur Gwyneth for the day, but it wasn’t long before she caught him being less than attentive to the road – then actually texting! She erupted, ordered him to pull over – then phoned his limo company, raging, ‘I refuse to be driven by this man– he’s putting my life and other drivers in serious jeopardy!’ The guy whined and begged for another chance, but Gwyneth demanded – and GOT – another limo and driver within minutes!”

GOOP for you, Gwynnie!