PARIS HILTON’s sobbing that "Dirt" star/producer COURTENEY COX has it in for her because (1) Cox rejected a pitch from Paris’ agent to appear on "Dirt" last season, then (2) created a fictional clone character – a dimwit starlet named Milan Carlton – to parody Paris on the show! "Paris bitches that Courteney’s just an old actress trying to cash in on her fame – her way of striking back at the rejection she’s feeling," said a friend. "But Courteney says ‘Dirt’ is a parody of the Hollywood scene, so having Paris herself on the show would just make it too literal. Plus, she stated the obvious – Paris can’t act!" (Love the name "Milan Carlton" – first name a European city, second name a hotel chain, get it? Like, "Florence Fairmont"…or "London Marriot.")