DICAPRIO hot to win AFFLECK/MAGUIRE Half-mil$$ bet!


 LUCKY LEO! LEONARDO DICAPRIO’s two best buds – notorious gamblers TOBEY MAGUIRE and BEN AFFLECK – are suddenly sweating because Leo’s thisclose to collecting a whopping half a million buck$$$ bet they made with the star years ago!

Said a pal of the perennial playboy bachelor: “Tobey and Ben, both high-rolling gamblers, bet Leo $250,000 each that he’d be married and a dad by age 40. Leo took the bet and went on to date a string of babes – supermodels GISELE BUNDCHEN, BAR REFAELI, ERIN HEATHERTON, etc. – but never got serious enough to tie the knot.

Now, with his 40th just 11 months away, Tobey and Ben are sweating big-time about coughing up a staggering quarter of a million bucks each!” And as Leo awaits his juicy payday, he’s literally licking his lips, so do NOT bet he’ll let his guys off the hook – the way GEORGE CLOONEY did when pals MICHELLE PFEIFFER and NICOLE KIDMAN bet him $10,000 each that he’d be married with kids by age 40. “Bachelor George won the bet, but then went all soft and sweet – he actually returned Michelle and Nicole’s checks,” said the source. “But not Leo – he’s telling pals he can’t wait to collect every last buck from Tobey and Ben!”