Mike Walker

Denzel Washington’s Youth Spent Speaking In Tongues

Spiritual experience outshines Oscar-winning brilliance!

denzel washington speaking tongues religious
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Mike Walker reports….  Holy moly — I can’t hold my tongue about this spirited Denzel Washington jaw-dropper!

The multi-talented, Oscar-nominated A-lister can do a killer accent, but he also claims he can speak in tongues!

Recalling a spiritual experience that occurred 39 years ago, he said: “I was in church … at the end of the service they ask if you want to go into the prayer room,” he said.

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“What I remember is letting go. Not having any doubt. Not being cynical, just thinking, OK, let’s go for it and see what happens.

“So, yes, I spoke in tongues.… Yeah, a foreign tongue, and I remember calling my mother afterwards…saying, ‘This is what happened’”

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“And I said, ‘My cheeks filled up,’ and she said, ‘That was a purge. Purging the bad spirits coming out of you.’”

Now that’s Oscar-worthy talent!

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